Comfortably Numb

Here’s the last few minutes of Comfortably Numb from my duo’s show on Saturday night!

I’m using a BeatBuddy with the Premium Library Comfortably Numb and a Boomerang looper. I’m using a Strymon Iridium Amp Modeler using the Marshall setting. I also am running a tube screamer as a lead boost before the Iridium. Relevant chain for the solo is Guitar->TS-9->Iridium->HOF Reverb->Looper->DI Box->PA.

As a side note, LOVE the Iridium. Just got it, so this is the first time I’ve added electric to this project, and the first time I’ve played an electric live through a modeler. Holy cow these things have come a LONG way.

*Edit: See comment below, as I found a more complete version on a different FB page if you’re interested in seeing how the tune works with 2 people, a looper, and a beat buddy.


I managed to find another video with a more complete song! This one starts in the first chorus, about the time I start recording the chorus progression to play the first lead over. You can see some of the interaction with the Boomerang (on the floor) and Midi Maestro (on the board)