Command for Accent hits

How to do this configuration in the custom mode?

Good question. I’m wondering the same thing!

The accent hits above are not added like a regular pedal accent hit. When the Accent Hits screen was presented on the Midi Maestro, it play these accent hits by simply send a “Note On” command to the appropriate kit piece.

These then, would be the following “Note Ons”

Clap 39 (D#1)
Tambourine 54 (F#2)
Closed Hat 42 (F#1)
Snare 38 (D1)
Kick 36 (C1)

This presumes that the kit was assembled using standard General Midi locations for the drum sounds. AS all you are doing is sending a note on, it will play whatever is assigned to the given values with the BB Drum kit

Exactly, all you need to do is send the Note On commands for the corresponding sounds

Here’s a General MIDI drum map, most drum sets except for latin and world drumsets follow this scheme.