Command for Accent hits

How to do this configuration in the custom mode?

Good question. I’m wondering the same thing!

The accent hits above are not added like a regular pedal accent hit. When the Accent Hits screen was presented on the Midi Maestro, it play these accent hits by simply send a “Note On” command to the appropriate kit piece.

These then, would be the following “Note Ons”

Clap 39 (D#1)
Tambourine 54 (F#2)
Closed Hat 42 (F#1)
Snare 38 (D1)
Kick 36 (C1)

This presumes that the kit was assembled using standard General Midi locations for the drum sounds. AS all you are doing is sending a note on, it will play whatever is assigned to the given values with the BB Drum kit

Exactly, all you need to do is send the Note On commands for the corresponding sounds

Here’s a General MIDI drum map, most drum sets except for latin and world drumsets follow this scheme.

My accent hit tambourine is missing it was kinda working could barely hear it but it was sending note on command now its not?!?? I dont use it alot but when i needed it for looping it was gone!

When using the Midi Maestro with the BB, the accent hits page of the MM triggers sounds that are part of the BB drumkit. Some early BB drumkits were made without a tambourine. Check that there is a tambourine in the kit, by opening the kit in BB Manager. To do that, find the kit’s name in the list of drum kits and double click on it. You can then scroll through the kit’s content. Tambourine should be at midi #54. If it is there, you can raise the volume if it is set to a negative value. If you make an adjust like that, you need to then go to Drumkits>Save Drumkit to store the change. If there is no Tambourine in the kit, and the kit is not at 100% in size, you can add a tambourine wav to the kit. Singular has provided a set of accent hit wavs which are available in the Downloads section of the BB product page. Search for my tutorial on “editing a drumkit” for more information.