Comments: anyone with firmware 3.2 experience?

I’m debating whether to load the recent release since I don’t need more than the usual BB behaviors for live playing - whether using stock crafted or ‘OP with X added’. Any benefits to upgrading that may be not so obvious to me? What I’ve seen about enhanced MIDI control and live screen display isn’t of any value to me and since its working fine I’m not interested in upgrading for its own sake.

I am interested to know this too.

Probably no point if you’re happy. MIDI control features aside, the big reason for me was the changes to the tap tempo.
In previous versions, you could tap a tempo and then you’d have to wait for the tempo to disappear before you could press play. Now you can tap a tempo and start immediately. For my workflow, where I use very simple beats (see, it works great.

Thank you. I know of at least 2 on this forum who appreciate the insights :wink: Maybe the lack of additional response is my answer. Over the past few years using BB extensively and successfully in our live work you still can get in a rut using the same approaches when there might better. A voice outside your own head is invaluable.

I had the same question and was just lurking in the background. I appreciate the response as well!

not worth it for me—i upgraded to 3.2
(from 2.04 i think) but had to revert back-
the tempo screen pops up and stays up for 30 or 40 secs before going back to main screen. (switch songs by midi from onsong)
i want to see main screen to verify the correct song has loaded—the tempo screen has no purpose for me.
just my $.02 on the subject

The tempo screen pops up and stays up for 30 or 40 secs before going back to main screen.

Seems like it would be very useful to make that time adjustable. It would be good to include 0 as a valid setting so that you can set it to 0 and lock out the button for onsong users.

Interesting. I advance and run everything manually (no MIDI switching or other external communication). I use UnReal Book for charts and an occasional audio file trigger (embedded for intros on Crazy Train and some Pink Floyd that wouldn’t be worth or even possible duplicating with a trio otherwise).

We run planned sets and I need to be able to see the same song displayed on BB, UnReal Book and my TC Play Electric (with my vocal and guitar presets) or I’m in deep.

My sentiments exactly to the original post.Works fine for what I do.Although I wish there were more tracks with bass parts added.Some third party company should jump on that.If there is someone doing it please let me know,because it is just a lot of fun jamming to the tracks.I use Quantiloop to add a bass line and keys,but I like just relying on the BB,very portable.

I think that’s murky water as far as licencing/copyright goes. You’d need permissions and agreements in place for the respective licence holders.