Commercial MIDI source files for BeatBuddy

Hi users. I’m enjoying my BeatBuddy, especially at my solo gigs. I work at Hit Trax MIDI Files Backing Tracks and there’s lots of great content here including Bass/Drum Jam Tracks and Minus Guitar Jam Tracks from all genres. These tracks are suited to covers bands. Hope you find something there and I’ll point out Hit Trax is not a free site but it’s a professional backing track producer so just a heads up there.

Cheers, Jack.

PS - if you have any questions about backing tracks and how to use them on a BeatBuddy, then holler out and I’ll be happy to help.

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Are you guys building Beat Buddy-specific files now?


I’d like to know this also.

Hi Joe. We worked on a series of beats some time ago - I’ll check with the team. At this stage we son’t have a specific BeatBuddy beat library but this might be something we could do. Perhaps if someone at BeatBuddy thinks this is a good idea we’d be happy to look at it.

Are there any particular beats you want?

Hi Echoraven - see my response to Joel.

Hello Jack. Are you saying that we can download backing tracks into the BeatBuddy? How would we do that?

I’d say the subject for this thread is slightly misleading and should be retitled to something like “Commercial MIDI source files for BeatBuddy.”

The MIDI drum tracks are part of the commercial MIDI source files available on their site. Although the drum tracks are GM (General MIDI), they usually require some effort using a DAW to get them working in the BeatBuddy as DOP, OPB or OPBk formatted songs.

Although they will take requests, they need several requests for a song to show that there is enough demand to make it worth their while.

I have used their files for those rare songs that I can’t find from other sources. They are well done but at $8.95, they are expensive. If you buy several, they offer a discount. Maybe they can offer a more generous discount for BB owners :thinking: Add to that the DAW and effort that are needed to transcribe into a BB song . . . . Bottom line is that they are not BeatBuddy-ready and if the user has the DAW and time, they’re probably worth it when you can’t find any other alternatives.

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Have to agree with Persist on this. I have bought a lot of they’re songs and had to remap the drums and other instruments to agree with My Roland 50/50 drum synth. It can be real time consuming.

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Have been buying Hittrax Backing Trax for years.

Saves a lot of time especially if you can’t programme your own drums.

It’s been a hit and miss process for me, to have Mr Jones work as a Drums with Bass with just the addition of a Tamborine needed, to have songs consume days and days and days as they work in Logic and silence in BB from Logic X.

Sussed this now, and when are prepared for export properly, they play correctly as long as Drum mapping has been checked.