Complete Collection Download Page


No bugs, just need help.
I just purchased the Complete Collection 2021. The downloads page when I login to Singular Sound’s website is a little confusing. I thought this was a “complete” collection and that there would be a single download, but there are 8 plus a download for a PDF that was no help here. Must I dowload and import all 8 or is it all in the download named CC2021 - September update download?
Will I be able to simply import the content to my current project or must I open this as a completely separate project? Can anyone simplify this confusion for me?

If you go to your library site ( and sign in, you should see the item listed as “The Complete Collection 2021 - Download.” The latest version is the Sep 2021 one. Click on the “Download” button on the right and then (assuming this is the first “full collection” you’ve downloaded), click on “Extract and copy to SD Card, Full Project. Includes Everything.” Then lastly, click on “The Complete Collection 2021 - FULL PROJECT - Sep Update (1.1 GB)” file and that should do it. Just unzip the file on your computer and copy it to the SD card and you should be all set.

If you already have a project in BBM, then you have a couple of options. I only download the newest updates and import them manually using BBM into my project. The other option is to do what I said above, and then re-import any songs you’ve created into the new project. I’m sure others have better/different ways of doing this, but it depends what you already have for a project.