Computer won't open .sng files

Has anyone having problems with their computer not opening .sng files? I get an error message saying program to open .sng files not found. Is there a work around for this problem or a program that I need to install? Thanks for the help.

I Don’t think you can open a sng file with a double click. You need to start up the Beatbuddy manager program and then select the folder where you want your new song to go from the left hand column. You can create a new folder in column from the options at the top. Then from the top menu click on import song and locate the sng file and it will import the file into the program.

I tried to open an sng file with Explorer and now all of my sng icons are explorer instead of the Pedal Icon. How can I get the icon back?

Right click the sng file and select open with. a pop up window should come up. hopefully you see the BB Manage in this box if not then you have to browse to the BB manager fold and find it. Good luck

After you do that though you will still have to open BB Manager first then open the sng file
by clicking file, import , song

Hang in there you’ll get it!

Bringing in new .sng files only works for me if I go to the BB Manager top menu bar and then go: File : Import : Song; and then navigate to where I put the .sng file. It helps a lot if you start from BB Manager with the song folder you want it to arrive in actually open. Also if I want to copy a song to another folder and edit the midi sequences or change the drum set to turn it into another song, I find it is safer to export the song and then import the resulting .sng file to another folder in BB Manager. I have found that dragging and dropping songs between songs folders in BB Manager sometime ends up will a lost link to Accent Hit .wav files. Then BB Manager crashes every time you try to fix the lost Accent Hit. The only way out is to highlight the whole song in the song folder list and go “Delete Song” from the top menu then get the song from backup or start to assemble it again from the .mid midi files. The whole BeatBuddy thing sounds brilliant and works OK when you figure it out, difficult without this forum. But to make the set up gig-ready needs quite a lot of DIY, both in physical set up, but also in configuring the songs, particularly for me the intro fills. Still experimenting and finding it fun. Big thanks to whoever did the simple count in beats.
I’m on a Mac, OSX El Capitan 10.11.3.

I was the one who put them in the ‘Resources’ section but some of them have been floating around in various forms in various threads for awhile. Some I built so we’d have a reasonably complete set. Do the latest ones work? Are they loud enough? I found I had to add a phantom beat on the first beat of the 2nd measure to get them to play properly. I can increase the volume if they’re not loud enough.