Confuse on how to hook this up

Areos Loop Studio with BeatBuddy, Amp and FRFR:

I’m a bit confused on hooking this up with my setup. I have an amp head with an FX Loop for looper audio and Effects and will be placing this last in the loop with no drums and also an FRFR Speaker for the beat buddy drum audio only. How do I hook up this situation? Do I hook up the beat buddy in my signal chain at all

A Recap:
I want to control the Aeros with the beat buddy and have the Drums come out the FRFR and the Guitar come out the amp. Where/How do I hook all this up.

Thank you!

Hi there, welcome to the forum!

Basically, there are some issues with using the looper in the FX loop out of an amp. Traditionally, FX loops are only sent into time-based effects like delay, echo, reverb, flanger, etc. Sending a looper at this stage of amplification is not suggested, the reason being, the sound does not have the ‘color’ it should as it will sound coming from the amp. There is no way to really get an amp sound without it coming out of the amp!

You would be better off placing the looper before you connect your guitar after all your effects pedals. As far as if you should also use the FX loop I would say you could experiment with what sounds better to you, mind that using FX loop would affect all loops from Aeros.

The only other way to get an amp sound is to get a modeled tone recorded into the Aeros by using something like the Helix Stomp, this can be sent to an amp / loudspeaker / recording interface and already sound pretty good if not great.

I would then send the BeatBuddy into your FRFR, and connect the BB MIDI Breakout cable Out Port to the Aeros MIDI In port using a standard 5-pin MIDI cable as shown below

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the question

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