Confused about BB and sdcard file structure

Playing with my new BB and I’m a bit confused about the layout of its folders and files. I realize that I’m not supposed to get into the files except through the manager, but some things just don’t make sense to me. For example, I’ve been creating a drumset and put some instruments into it. Then I notice that the path to an instrument could be something like “c:\beatbuddy\user_lib\wave_sources\Percussion_WAVES\48-Tom_2\Metal_WAVES\39-Hand_Claps\0-31\Handclaps0.wav”

How did I get drumkits and instruments nested!!? Is this a disaster?

Also, I’ve just installed the 1.1 instruments and the new songs from the backup downloaded from the website. I now have duplicate drumkits (the old and new versions) and I’d like to delete the old versions and rename the new versions dropping the 1.1 from the names. Don’t see how to delete a drumkit though. I experimented by editing the config.csv and deleting the drm files related to the ones I wanted to get rid of. Scary, but it appears that it worked!

Since it looks like everything about a drumkit is kept in these drm files, I wondered about the wave_sources folder. What is it for? It was empty before I started editing and now it’s a nested mess of drumkits and instruments. So I deleted it and there’s not any visible effect!
Then there’s the “synchronize” issue. Which direction does the synchronize go? What if I make a bunch of changes in the manager, then decide that I want to go back to the configuration that’s on the sdcard?

I understand I may be a PITA, but I’m a programmer and need to understand some of these things. Can anyone explain a bit about what’s going on with all these folders and files?