Confused about synchronizing

I went through s disaster with my new BB the other day. Had to even do the disaster recovery - which was totally successful. I’m using a Mac and am perplexed why after following the instructions, why my synchronize function on the menu is never lit up…always greyed out! When I made the most recent new project, I told it to link and everything.
Mac, latest OS, Most recent everything on Beatbuddy.

Much thanks for any insight!

Sounds like you’re a Sierra or High Sierra user:

You must know everything about the BB! Yes, I’m on High Sierra 10.13.2. Thank you SO much for the link. I’m glad this was an easy one for you, and I thank you again for the help.
I’m not a big fan of the workaround, so can I just export to card everything if I make a song list or make some changes? I realize some settings would have to be done manually, but would this work as well?

Much, much thanks!

Oh, I just read everything I could on the issue. Please disregard my previous question.
For anyone (Mac) experiencing this - it is ALL explained in the link provided above!! Long story short, if you are on High Sierra you will need to export your changes to the BB and then go back and manually make tweaks. A bit of a pain, but I have faith an updated Manager ought to be out with the bug fix. Just relieved to know it was not my ignorance.
I’m an old guy who actually designed and built an analog to MIDI converter for taurus pedals WAY back when MIDI was new. I like to think I have a clue about how to work with equipment, but I am no genius.
End of rambling.