Hello fellow beat buddies
I’ve never been on the forum before but I have a question. I play in an acoustic combo and although I’ve had my beat buddy a few months I don’t feel as though I’m using it to its full potential. Can anybody tell me how I would go about making the beats to match set list we play and can I make some sort of folder just containing the set list for performances ?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Barry Slater

Hi Barry.
Your last question first. Yes you can make a folder to house your setlist. In our band we even order the set list in the running order we choose and then when it comes to gig time, we just do song advance after every song. Straight into the next one one the list. No fumbling around for songs.
Your first question is a little more difficult. I am not a great techie like some other people here on the site, but on the forums there are lots of how to’s about using beatbuilder, which is a midi program to make your own beats. You can make all the different components of your songs, i.e… intros, verse beat, chorus beat, fills etc. Then just import them into manager and save the song. Alternatively, check the forums for songs that other people tirelessly created and have been so kind as to share. There is a great community here, of people who are very generous with their creations. A lot of the songs that I use come from here.
I also use the stock beats that come with the pedal and alter intros or fills. You will find a thread here about what songs people are using the preprogrammed BeatBuddy beats with.
With the songs that people have shared in resources and in beats, and the thread about what songs people are playing to beat buddy beats, you should find a great many of the songs on your set list.
I wish you well and enjoy.

Hello Barry, look for Tutorial #2 in the search forum for help with creating a set list, along with the full default complement of beats
I have some cool Grove monkey free stuff and a Thursday night Jam folder with over 80 songs, some renamed supplied beats that have
different drum kits and tempos set, and some specific files that have been downloaded from this site, I love the tunes with the bass guitar
and am waiting patiently for the new 500+ note firmware so I can use the one press tunes that some generous members have posted.
use the search forum tool for the songs that are not working, check if members have created or matched your songs with a beat ,if not post a request and I bet you will have something in short order, Happy Jamming !
Ken from Winnipeg

Thanks for your help guys.