Conga Conniptions

I was setting out trying to create a rhythm track to use for some future song, but I thought it was interesting enough to treat as a song of its own. This features the BeatBuddy track, “Congo Beat” from the “Drums with Percussion” genre. I believe this was part of some premium content I purchased, but I’m not sure. I used the sequencer of my Behringer Poly D analog synth to create the synth patterns. It is locked to the BeatBuddy’s MIDI output to stay in sync. I had to run the SythTribe software to get the Poly D to use the MIDI input and select the correct channel. While it was not as easy or as flexible as the NiftyKEYZ / Moog Mavis setup I used in my previous video, at least it does stop the sequencer once the BeatBuddy stops playing. The NiftyKEYZ sequencer would take off free-running, which was tricky to stop during a recording session. Anyhow, I hope you find it interesting. Make sure to catch the ending where I turned up the echo on my mixer to an insane setting on the drum track.

Not only interesting, but fun. Creative method of building your songs with the BeatBuddy (BB) .