Connect BeatBuddy to Onsong with a Wired connection

I wanted to get the Yamaha Wireless connector, but no one seems to have them in stock so I decided to connect wired using the connection described below

I have Onsong as well as Premium subscription, a Beatbuddy Breakout cable,
MIDI to USB cable from Amazon, link below

USB to Lightning adaptor purchased from Apple, Link Below

I connect them but I cannot see where one is connected to the other or if I am missing something. Can Anyone Please Help?

The lightning connector adapter small end plugs into your iPad running Onsong. The other end is then a USB port. The Midi adapter cable has a USB end that plus into that Lightning to USB port. You then have a midi in and out cable that attach to the out and in of the Beat Buddy breakout cable, in to out, out to in.

You’re missing something. You need an USB audio interface. Or some kind of midi to usb adapter. I believe IK Multimedia produces a midi interface (search for iRig MIDI 2). But for that money, I guess you’re better off with an audio interface that also has MIDI in and out.

Later edit: I see that you already have a MIDI to USB adapter, so please ignore my message

Thank you.
I have all of those things and am connected Beatbuddy to Beatbuddy Breakout cable, to MIDI to USB Adaptor to USB to Lightning to iPad.

Then, if you have not already done so, you have to get your midi settings correct in onSong and in the BB. There’s an OnSong video that walks through this, but it moves quickly, so be prepared to stop the video and take notes. Also, if you haven’t used OnSong with a BB before, you’ll need to get your lyrics in OnSong set up to be able to select the BB songs. Your essentially using OnSong as the song selection and tempo setting device and BB responds to it.

Yup. I agree. I’ll do that.
Thank you


The Quicco mi.1 works perfect. Plugged into the breakout cable. No need for wires. I do not use OnSong, but Songbook+ app is a bit user friendly in my view. Easier to setup.