Connecting a Beat Buddy to Boss RC-10r

Can you sync the beat buddy with a Boss RC-10r looper ?

I just got the beat buddy, and as yet have no experience with midi, but read that BB does sync with the RC-300, so I’m hoping it will also work with the RC-10r, and if so - how do I go about it ?


Hi butterflydonkey, welcome to the forum.

Clock sync should work for keeping the BB and looper in time, but the Boss can only send / accept CC messages in ranges 1-31 and 64-95. This is a blocker if you wish to synchronise BB functions such as fills and transitions to different parts with the looper.

The only messages that BB can send / receive in those ranges are

CC Number Value Action
CC-80 [1-127] Tempo Increment (NewTmpo = Tempo + value)
CC-81 [1-127] Tempo Decrement (NewTmpo = Tempo - value)
CC-82 [0-127] 0: Return to normal mode 1-127: Go to half time mode
CC-83 [0-127] 0: Return to normal mode 1-127: Go to double time mode

You would need a device in between the BB and looper that could map CC values to other values, such as the Midi Event Processor

Or use a master device or app (like OnSong) to control both devices.