Connecting an aeros looper to the fractal axe fx3

can anyone share how they connected the aeros looper to a fractal axe fx3 on the back of the unit?

Hey there, sorry for the delayed response

Depends if you want the FX to be written into the Aeros, if you do, you have to connect your guitar to the Fractal FX, use one or both of the “hum buster” outs into the Aeros L/R Main inputs, then send the Aeros Out(s) into an amp or to whatever your playback system may be.

Does this help at all?

Let me know, thanks!

I use the “4 cable method” for the AXE FX III. It works beautifully. I also run a BeatBuddy in the “4 cable” chain. The nice thing about that is the BeatBuddy does not run through any effects and therefore is not colored at all by the Axe nor a guitar speaker because I’m using a FRFR powered cabinet. It’s the best of both worlds… Fantastic guitar tone and crisp clear drums as if the BeatBuddy was connected to a P.A.

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