Connecting BB or BB Mini 2 to low amp input jack with guitar on high input jack

I’m wonder if anyone has connected their BB to the low input on their amp and how that works. I have the Roland Blues Cube stage and my guitar is connected to the high input jack and instead of putting the BB mini2 on that input with the guitar I was thinking about using the low input instead. I think this will work but want to make sure before I try this and waiting to receive my BB mini 2 next week. Thanks

You could try it, but the LOW is not a separate input channel and parallels that input to the HIGH input, which means any settings you apply for Crunch and/or EQ will also affect the BB sound which may not sound great. Even if you ran the amp clean with no Crunch and EQ set for a reasonable sound from the BB, the speaker and the cabinet are designed (voiced) for guitar and likely won’t sound as best for the BB as it could with an amp that’s intended for a wider range of sound, such as a keyboard amp or a PA. There have been a few thread posts about amps/PA’s for the BB if you do a search.

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Thanks Mark. I have a small 5 watt full range amp I built that is battery operated with 9v outputs for pedals but probably not enough power? Since we just want to use the BB to give some depth to our small jam, 2 acoustic guitars and one bass player maybe I’ll try that first. I also have the Fishman Loudbox 60 watt amp I could plug into. Otherwise maybe even the small Fender Rumble Bass amp might work for this if we can make the BB mini 2 work for us.