Connecting bb to computer

I’m a soon to be new user of a bb, not sure if I’m getting the mini 2 or original. But I can’t seem to find anywhere how to connect to a computer. Do I go in through my audio interface or what. Thanks for the help

The BeatBuddy mini cannot connect to a computer via USB, the BeatBuddy can only use it to access the SD card using the USB while it is inserted in the BeatBuddy.

To record BeatBuddy audio you will need a recording interface

Do you mean an audio interface?

The BB runs its OS off of an SD card. To get firmware updates, you download the update to your computer, and then install the software to the SD card.

Managing of song files is down on a computer using Beat Buddy Manager software, and then the changed package of your songs, the project, is loaded onto the SD card.

There really isnt a need to connect the BB to a computer. If you want to record drum sounds coming ou5 of it into a DAW, there are a pair of 1/4” jacks that can be run into an audio interface. If you want to trigger BB sounds from midi out of a DAW, youll need to Singular midi breakout cable, and a regular 5 pin midi cable to connect to a midi jack on your audio interface.

What are you thinking would require a connection to the computer?

I want to put a guitar track, bass track, and drums into a daw and make a video of it

Ok, then you’re going to connect the BB to your audio interface using regular 1/4” guitar jacks. If your interface has enough inputs, and your DAW handles it, you could connect everything at once. If you are trying to get bass out of the BB, be advised that bass and drums will record to the same track in your DAW. There is a workaround I could explain to you if necessary.

That’s what I was wanting to know, straight in to audio interface. Thank you!

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