Connecting BB to Quantiloop on an ipad

I am using an irig duo to hook up BB to my ipad with Quantiloop and record my guitar and Keys.I just DL Beatmaker 3 and it works wonderful with Quantiloop. I am in the process of recording tracks to import to Quantiloop as Intro-Verse-chorus and whatever else I need to coincide with BB.My question is if I want to use quantiloop live with the BB and the tracks already loaded ,and don’t plan to loop my guitar, do I need the Irig or can I hook the BB direct to the ipad with a wireless hookup ? That would be a mess of cables and power adapter I wouldn’t have to set-up.I would need an adapter to get the audio out of my ipad into a mixer.I like to keep the BB and Quantiloop on seperate E.Q.and volume.Thanks.