Connecting BeatBuddy to DAW by USB cable

Hello! Can you help me? I wanna know, can I connect BeatBuddy to my laptop (Windows) by USB-cable like a midi device and to control BeatBuddy by piano-roll of DAW (Cockos Reaper) and listen to sound of BeatBuddy realtime? I wanna create drum track in Cockos Reaper by piano roll and listen to sound of BeatBuddy. If that’s real, talk me about it please.

You should be able to connect them. See post at

I’ve read that discussion. There isn’t any information about BeatBuddy’s USB interface, there’s an information about a MIDI interface of BeatBuddy. I wanna know, can BeatBuddy get MIDI commands by USB cable between PC and BeatBuddy (without any standard Midi-cables). Or I should buy MIDI cable for BeatBuddy and some USB-MIDI interface for my PC. I’ve ordered BeatBuddy and I’m waiting for it. But I wanna know, will I be able to use USB cable that is in the box of BeatBuddy for connecting BeatBuddy to PC like a MIDI-device.

I don’t think that the USB port has MIDI capabilities. The USB port is only for connecting it as a drive.

You can, however, use a MIDI interface (be it standalone or an audio interface with MIDI) to trigger sounds on BeatBuddy. I’ve done that using Guitar Pro (with weird results) and Reaper (much better).

So, yeah, you would need the BeatBuddy MIDI cable or you can make one, I’m sure I’ve seen a diagram for it in the forum.

Well, I need MIDI cable for BeatBuddy and I need some USB-midi interface. (Good bye new tuners for my Les Paul :smiley: )