Connecting mic, bass and guitar

Hi guys. So I’ve had the Aeros for a couple of years now and getting really hooked on exploiting more of its potential. So far I’ve plugged my bass directly into the Aeros and my guitar through a pedalboard and some pedals before reaching the unit. But I’d love to be able to record more instruments through a microphone. I have the Yamaha MG10XU mixer and from what I can read on the internet it should be an option to make that happen without compromising my bass and guitar connections. I am just quite confused as to how I’d set it up in all practicality. Could somebody please help me out? Visuals work better for me, so if you can, please do :hugs: Thanks, I appreciate this community :+1:

The Behringer Mixer they mention in the manual works better “because it has 2 Auxilliary unbalanced outputs which are easy to connect to the Aeros’ unbalanced inputs, it also handles the routing in a way that prevents an infinite audio loop (high pitch squeeling sound). Just make sure not to send the Aeros output audio back into itself!” You can decide what you want to send where by clicking the Aux switch on the Behringer.
But what you have should be fine, you can send your guitar to the main Aeros input. Also send your bass there (you’ll need a switcher to select either your guitar or you bass). For the microphone, use the Yamaha mixer and send the Main or Monitor out signal to the Aeros Aux input using a two 1/4" to TRS cable. Main or monitor out (or even phones) depending how that Yamaha sends effects that you’ll want on the vocals. Now, the Aeros will record all of these sources, so you’ll want to turn the vocals off when not needed. Use a MIDI command to do this, or simply Mute the mic on the Yamaha unit.

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Thanks man. I’ll look into a instrument switcher pedal, then I guess. From what I’ve seen so far I kinda like the Boss AB-2, primarily because of the price and the fact that it is silent. Only downside is that it needs batteries. Any other recommendations ?

And the two 1/4" to TRS cable should be looking like this, right?

If you are not using stereo output from your guitar pedalboard, you don’t even need the A/B switch (take a look at page 5 of the Full Manual). Just run guitar into R and Bass into L in. Same with the vocals, you just need to use the mixer as a preamp and can send out using the Y cable you showed or just mono and panning L or R. Are you using that mixer to go to PA speakers?

Ok, I’ll try that out. So far I’ve had my guitar plugged into the L input actually and my bass into R. I think I’ll get the cable or just try out the mono option to see how it sounds with the mic. I am actually just routing everything to my bass and guitar amps. Thank you so much for your answers. It’ very helpful.