Connecting older midi keyboard

I came across an old roland pc200 mk2 that was my dads. I acquired a power supply and midi cable. I’ve been trying to locate a driver for my Mac on line. My guess is it is no longer supported. There is a driver for a Roland pc 300 online. Perhaps I should try it?

I think the pc300 driver will also work, midi is not that complicated.

You can always connect through an interface using midi. It’s just the USB that need drivers.

For example, if you just want to connect to a BB to use it as sound module, that’s all midi.

Looking at PC200 MK2 online, it seems that it has only MIDI Out port so you won’t need any software driver. You should be able to connect it using the MIDI cable to an Audio/MIDI Interface device that has MIDI IN port.

I purchased a cable that appears to be similar to what likely shipped with the unit.

Victory. No Driver needed. Cable did the job.