Connecting Pedals to Aeros Loop Station

I want to purchase the Aeros Loop Station because I did just purchase the BB. I have a Boss OC-5 and a Wah Wah pedal I was hoping that these are compatible and that if I wanted to I could also hook up a Microphone to the Aeros Loop Station as well so that way if I wanted to I could use this as a live performance set up. Thoughts, concerns, any “No No’s”, or buy the thing chain the pedals up to the Aeros, connect the microphone into the pre-amp and into the Aeros and I am all set?

Many people use the set-up you are describing. You can put the Aeros in your guitar effects chain like any other pedal. Any regular guitar effects are compatible with Aeros, including those you mentioned. You are also correct about mic to pre-amp to Aeros. The only concern that comes to my mind is how you amplify the output from Aeros. You might find your guitar amp works fine, and/or you might send output to a PA. Lots of people here can help you figure out the best set-up for your situation.

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