Connection of equipment

I have the following equipment and would like to use the RC 300 as my Looper but I can not figure out how to connect them for best use. I have Beatbuddy, RC 300, GR-55, and TC Helicon Voice live 3 and Behringer Xenyx 1202 mixer. I,m new at using all these electronics but want to learn, being retired gives me time.

Hi William,
Here’s some ideas for you. I have the Xenyx 1222 mixer and also a RC 300 and TC Helicon Voicelive 2.
Take an instrument cable and plug it into the FX Send on the mixer and run it to an instrument input on the RC 300.
Then take another instrument cable and run it from the instrument output on the RC 300 to a channel on the mixer. If there are effects (FX) on the mixer channel you choose, make sure the FX knob is turned all the way down on the channel you pick for plugging in the RC 300 to the mixer. That channel will now serve as your looper channel.
Now, everything you plug into the the board on the other channels will be able to be looped through the RC 300.
For example, Plug your guitar into the guitar input on TC Helicon, and run and XLR Mic cable from the Helicon out to a channel on the mixer. Anything you play can now be looped through the RC 300.
I also plug in my bass to the mixer on its own channel, and I pick a pedal on RC 300 (for example, pedal 3) for my bass line. This is great for building a whole song.
Does this make sense?
Hope it is helpful.