Considering MM to pair with BB and Aeros

Hi Guys, I have the BB and Aeros and love them, so I’m considering adding the MIDI Maestro to have more one-button control on the devices. What are folks’ thoughts on its usability at this stage? I’m an iOS user and I’ve heard the app is a work in progress, so that’s a bit concerning, but I’m probably going to be okay with the default settings in BB mode and Aeros mode. I just want to know if it’s worth it now, or if I should wait for it to get better?

BTW, I definitely appreciate all the work David and Goran and Brennan (and others) on all their products.


As far as BB is concerned default works fine on the MM. I don’t have the Aeros (yet. Spent a lot on a Pigtronix Infinity so loath to ditch that just yet). Haven’t had any success with custom mode though.

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Hey there,

The MIDI Maestro works well with any MIDI device! The thing our users want most of Aeros wise is more commands that the Aeros responds to. The capability for the MIDI Maestro to control any device is there.

We are on the last leg of our journey with the app. We have expanded our iOS department and have already finished the design part of the redesign (which is super cool by the way, a real functional improvement), all that’s left is the development of the app, we hope having a strong design will make it a smoother, faster building process.

The current iOS app has some missing behavior when compared to Android version and is still in the works. Instead of getting stuck on curren iOS, we found a redesign of both apps to be the best thing to invest in. That being said we will shortly be releasing patches to current iOS version including sending commands on press and/or release and building modes from custom mode templates.

For these reasons, the current Android app is not perfect, yet, but it works rather well, using our manual you can guide your way through the custom mode creation.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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I’m in the same spot as BFRedrocks. Still learning Aeros and Beat Buddy and am starting to see the benefit of the Maestro. Unlike larger loopers that are out there, the stereo option and small size allow me to just grab the Aeros alone for practices, etc. it looks like the Maestro is working well with the BB and Aeros but struggles with other gear?
I have a lot of other midi capable gear so will the Maestro work with them?
Example- Boss Katana amp, which is midi capable.

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Hey there, yes indeed it works with anything! All you need is the custom modes you make on the app and you are set, this month the iOS will finally be matched to the abilities of the Android version as far as the button setup and creation of templates.

Someone just posted a full setup for Katana mapping

Also, soon we will have a whole redesign of both apps that will greatly improve workflow and be more intuitive.

Thanks Brennan. I’m assuming the new iOS app will include the ability to create a custom mode using the BB mode as a template, correct? I’m guessing that this will be the only way to change the types of accent hits available on the BB mode accent hits page (like changing the tambourine to a rock crash cymbal or other true “accent” hit)?

Exactly but that feature will be available before the redesign! It should be within a month.

Excellent, thanks Brennan,