Consistant Tamborine or Shaker

This is my first post and I must applaud all you BB’s out there who must spend an awful lot of time figuring out ‘stuff’ for the rest of us.

I’ve been going trolling Psalm40’s excellent drum kit editing tutorials but have struck a roadblock. I’ve managed to add in a tambourine to my new standard kit but it seems to be fairly random when it plays - obviously only when midi note 54 is called. My question is how can you get the wav file to be activated on all four beats ie to play 8th or 16th notes much like a percussionist would do?

I’m pleased you have found my videos helpful. As the BB plays midi files the only way of doing what you want is to have a midi file setup which triggers midi note 54 on every 8th or 16th note - to do this you would need an external midi editor.
Looks like my next video will need to be midi file editing and creation - but I don’t know when i will have the time and resources to make it.

Many thanks Psalm40. A tutorial on midi files etc would be great but as you said it would be a time consuming process to produce. From what you have already contributed to the knowledge base you should be up for early retirement - gold watch and all. Maybe someone else can step up. My experience in this area is virtually nothing. Hoping to find a way to contribute in the future.

If you are new to MIDI, you might read this Introduction To MIDI from MIDI.ORG site.

Many thanks Pineears valuable reading. By good luck rather than knowledge I think I’ve managed to add a consistent tambourine to a couple of midi files. This was done playing around in Mixcraft and swapping to the BB manager to check the results. Hopefully they upload ok so if all is good enjoy! I’ll keep experimenting and see what happens.