Consistent crash

Hey guys,
I’m trying to map out a new song, but I can’t seem to make more than 2 ‘parts’. I’m using the 6x6 setting and I’m repeating 2 tracks (‘locked’ tracks) and after the second part, no matter what, the third part just crashes - created a loud buzzing sound, and the aeros gets stuck on the logo screen.

Check out the video, let know what you think

Thanks guys,

Also, I recorded the startup to show that everything works absolutely fine, I have the latest update as of 8/18, and i played a rushed version of the idea - some pre recorded and some played live.
Thanks again

Hi there, what version of the Aeros are you on?

Do you have an SD card in use? if so there may be a crash file that we can look at to diagnose the issue! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Brennan,
I’m on aeros-4.0.0
And I’m not using an SD card (I have 2 other short loops saved onto the unit - so memory is looking good)

I can understand this, but an SD card will be the only way we can look at the crash log and see what could be causing the issue, do you have any SD cards you could use to only retain the file?

Unfortunately, this is not easily reproducible for us without access to the song or the crash log file and both would require an SD to access. Could you tell me, is there any device controlling the Aeros as master?

Let me know thanks

I’ll head out and get an SD card today - it has to be 32GB right? My 64GB one isn’t visible to the Aeros.
After that, should I save the file onto the SD card and send it over to you?
There are 3 effects and a preamp (fishman aura) before the aeros, and the aeros is going out to a fishman acoustic amp

Thanks for your help

32 is max yeah, great that will help us have some idea of what’s happening, we appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience!

The log file is automatically written into the SD all you have to do is have it inserted while using the Aeros and during crash. Then, remove SD, and send me the crash file here, if it doesn’t let you upload the file you can compress it first or even send it to

I will await your message!


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FYI if you have a micro sd card (the ones that go into phones and newer cameras), they often come with an SD Card Adapter (an empty plastic shell) that will let it work with the Aeros. Other than size, the micro sd is the same as the big brother. So I guess size doesn’t matter after all.

Hey Brennan, I just emailed the logs, and wav files.

Hey again thank you! If you didn’t by chance, make sure you send the whole folder of the song, and that when you do this you only copy it from the SD. Altering the interior of the folder could cause the song to no longer playback correctly on the Aeros.

Sending the whole folder allow us to open the song on our own Aeros devices!

Thanks very much for the info

I opened up the SD card and sent everything on it - which is just the song i had issues with.
The crash sound you hear in the video isn’t part of the saved loop, it’s something that’s triggered when I begin to record the 3rd part.

Thank you forwarding this to the developers, we appreciate your patience

Much appreciated mate

Hey Brennan, not sure if there are any updates on the issue yet, but the problem has gotten worst. Even using 2 ‘parts’ going from the second part, back to the first, I get the same crash.
I’m hoping to play live shows with this, and if this happens… god damn :sweat_smile:


Hey there, sorry for not getting back but we have released 4.0.1 just yesterday and it should solve or fix your issues. It appears the problems have arisen from a very odd, non-reproducible bug when using lock tracks in your song, we were able to see that the metadata had not been implemented as expected and your wav file was in the wrong place causing the crash when Aeros couldn’t find it.

I would strongly suggest creating a new song, it may be this original version of your song was corrupted somehow in the case you do not see it getting better.

I would also suggest not using or renaming the Song_1 file on the Aeros, there are some sticky bugs we have to squash dealing with song_1

Thank you for getting back!

Please let us know if this new version does anything positive for your experience or solves the issue entirely (hopefully), we apologize for any inconvenience!

At least some socks first maybe?


No problem. Just saying what most are probably thinking.
Carry on.
Good luck with your issue.