Consistent Volume/velocity of user created beats to match original content beats

I just started dabbling in the creation of my own beats and user created beats with BB and BBM.
What I am noticing is that my beats aren’t the same volume/velocity as BB drums that came with the BB.

How can I make sure that after I’ve created my beats, put them into BBM and then to ultimately on an SD card for the BB, that the user created content will match the original drum volume/velocities that came with the BB? Is there a velocity chart of the original content that I could use to match my beats so that the overall volumes will be consistent without having to adjust the volume knob on the BeatBuddy while performing?


Hey there, unfortunately there is not a clean answer here, it will just take time to make the BeatBuddy play the midi files the way you want by jumping back and forth from your editor to the BBM and back onto the BB and judging by the playback whether it works well or not.

We agree this is a time consuming effort and are working on tools (like a new BB manager 2) to de-shroud the song and drum creation process and make it more accessible to all users.

I wish I had a better response right now, but hopefully this will be improving greatly in due time

Thank you for your question