Constant Error Messages


Every time I try to create a new song in Beat Buddy Manager or load an SNG file, I get an error message like the following. Even if it is a simple song consisting of only one midi drum file, I get this error and can’t save it. Any ideas?

“Unable to load song C:/users/Jeff/Documents/BBWorkspace/user-lib/projects/test-/Projects/SONGS/37436FCE/E5C6E00A.BBS or its Accent Hit”

Are you naming the song test- ?

That looks like a hosed URL. Try Save As, and save it to your desktop. If that works, then the location spec is somehow broken. And then we can work with that.


Thanks. Was able to save to desktop. So I need to redirect the url within beat buddy?

I think the problem is that Beat Buddy installed its files in a folder that did not have read/write permissions. I am going to do a complete uninstall and reinstall in a better location.]


When I reinstalled and directed the installer to install the BBWorkspace in a different location, I got a different kind of error message (“invalid project file location”) when I tried to run it. It is still looking in old file location and changing the location in BB doesn’t do anything to change that.


Did a complete uninstall/ reinstall again and now it can’t find any files. It does not load the initial library files. In fact there are only .txt placeholder files now. So after a complete reinstall it is not putting in the data for some reason.

Also, when you go to “import” it will not select either a folder or a song. I don’t get it.

Does anyone know how to do truly complete uninstall so that the reinstall is not screwed up by the last reinstall? Subsequent reinstalls do not install drum kits at all.

Is there some way to get the songs and drum kits that should be in “default_lib” and import them back in? Those folders are empty there seems to be no way to get them reinstalled correctly.

Some general guidelines to help get you up and running:
[]Uninstalling Windows programs:
]Go back thru your folders and desktop and delete all instances of bbworkspace folders
[]I recommend allowing the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to install the bbworkspace in your user documents folder
]Run the installer as admin:
[]Stay out of the bbworkspace folder as you should always use the BBM to manage, beats, folders and drum sets
]Insert SD card in your computer SD slot reader; delete all files on your SD card but do not reformat; reinstall firmware and copy the Default BeatBuddy Content Update from
[]Test card in the pedal; remove card and put it back in your computer
]Use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your SD and open the project on your card; follow the prompts to save work on your computer and for allowing future synchronization
[]If you’ve bought premium content, use the BBM to import; try to synchronize to your SD card
]If it works, you’re good—if it doesn’t, use the BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to your bbworkspace/user_lib/projects
[*]If none of the above helped, contact and see if you can schedule a remote or a phone session

Hi and thanks.

That first link on uninstalling Windows programs is a dead link. I think you want this:

And of course that is the exact procedure I followed, but my point is that it is clearly not a complete uninstall, since every new attempt to install takes a different turn than the original install – and I always end up with empty folders in default_lib where the drum kits and songs should be. There must be remnants of the original install somewhere in the registry or something that is telling the install program to behave differently in subsequent install attempts. I have done this procedure 5 or 6 times with the same results each time. I even used Revo Uninstall to find and delete all the Beat Buddy files that remained after the Windows uninstall, but that didn’t change how the new install proceeded.

So I may have to end up doing the remote session at some point. The file system in BBworkspace is a mess and uninstalling/reinstalling will not fix it.

Thanks again.

What version of Windows are you using? Have you by chance created multiple projects and not saved them to your computer?

Please email me at with your phone number and available times I can call (in eastern time), we can do a session where I can temporarily access your computer and fix things up while we talk on the phone.

Thanks! I am using Windows 10. The above problem was caused, I think, because my computer was set to not allow write privileges tot the “contents” folder that Beat Buddy installs the libraries to. I have since changed that. But the problem is now that I tried to uninstall and start over, it won’t install properly. I will contact as soon as I have a block of time at home in front of the computer where we can work on this. A

Very much appreciate the assistance.