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I have a midi file (fill #71 in funk) that is corrupted. Long story. I know how it happened. Anyway…is there a place I can download files. I have that file in use on some songs and it plays, but for some reason it does not export (when I right click on that file and try to export it into another folder or replace the messed up file). Any ideas or help appreciated.

Mark - Singular put that stuff back up. Go to the Main Site from the link above. Click on Tools at the top of the screen. Click on the Visit Page link for Downloads. Then you can scroll down to the Midi Loop Library and get it, and just below that, back on the page where the Midi Loop Library is located, there is a link for the Accent Hit Library for when you want to make custom samples out of those. And here’s fill #71, in case you don’t feel like looking through all that other good stuff right now,