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Hello !
I’m a new member of the new forum here. Never been member at the old forum.
There’s a lot of nice song beat content there.
But I can’t download them , cause I have no account.
What can I do ?

Would like to try something: Can you download the contents from this link?

Thanks for the link.
But it seems , that I’m doin something wrong. I just have the drum kits in my beatbuddy manager.
And I tried three songs but there are no drums to hear, just 4 beats of HiHat at the beginnung …
( Hot legs ( R. Steward ) by example )

You may not be using the kit with bass that the song calls for. If the drum set in the song has an asterisk, it means you don’t have the correct kit. For example HOT LEGS probably requires the NP Standard Pro Bass kit which is based on a premium kit. If you don’t have that kit, the NP StdPBass 63-91 is a suitable and free substitute. If you don’t have this kit yet, search for it in Resources/Drum Kits, download and use the BBM to Import > Drum Set and then activate the kit by clicking the Drum Sets tab and checking the box next to the kit’s name (probably at the bottom of the drop down list) . Click on the Songs tab, select your song and from within the song, select the appropriate drum set from the drop down menu—use the drop down in the song—not the one at the top of the BBM. Save the project and press play to audition the song.

Thanks very much. Yes, now I can hear some drums. :slight_smile:
Even though I miss Intro drums and outro …fills etc …

That’s because these are one-press bass songs and not the default format songs that came with your BB.

Search this forum for “acronyms”

You should also hear bass guitar notes.

Moderator “persist”, if I understand correctly from your reply comment to stmoeller60, the Day Dream Believer file has bass guitar notes to accompany the musician. But in order to hear them it requires the NP Standard Pro Bass kit which is based on a premium kit. But if we don’t have that kit, the NP StdPBass 63-91 is a suitable and free substitute. Is that correct, and if so… where can that kit be downloaded from for free? Also, I interested in creating my own accent sounds in .wav or MIDI file format, but I really lack knowledge in how to do so. Do you know of some good tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere that I can lean how to make them myself? I know some basics like a .WAV file is limited to 15 seconds 16/24 bit and mono/stereo, and approx 3.78 MB. And that MIDI files have a 500 note limit, but there is not length limit. I tried an experiment with a .WAV file that was under a little longer that 15 seconds, but only 3.69 MB but it would not play? I only have the basic default install that came with my BeatBuddy Manager version 1.65, and I have not upgraded. I’m running it on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Asus laptop, and everything works well. So I comprehend the basics, but lack some of the ability to build the files that I want. Is there editors that are used, or can the files be easily created in Studio One 3, or Audacity DAW software. I created my .WAV experiment in Studio One 3, but when I tried to replace one of the Accent Hit file, error message “Replacing file. Unable to open or parse file C:/Users/UserID/Desktop/WAV files/Air Raid Siren.wav” Other than the time limit, the size and other specifications are OK, so obliviously I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, at least you know what I’m attempting to do, and I think you might be able to help me with how to do more with my pedal? Also, maybe there is already other files here on the Forum or other sites that might work for my project? If you have any resources in that area it would be most helpful too.

Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide.


Correct. You can find most of the kits you need by searching Resources/Drumkits on the old forum. However, Daydream Believer requires a kit with keys and horns—not the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit (which can be found at )

The kit for Daydream Believer is identified in the enclosed BBM screen shot

With the later versions of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), there is no longer a 500 MIDI note limit to songs so if you’re using 1.6.5, you can now have songs with >500 MIDI notes.

If you’re interested in tutorials for building drum sets, BeatBuddy Worship has made one available. I think, but am not positive that he’s also worked up some wav tutorials. He just posted a Youtube link to Writing a Song from Scratch in Midi Editor - Full Drum Writing Workshop

There are tutorials on creating BB songs with a DAW available from Guitar Stu and Phil Flood. I’d search this forum using “tutorial” to see what you come up with.

Sometimes you need to use a utility such as Tag Stripper or Switch to clean up the wav files so that they work in the BBM. This is mostly the case for Mac users but since you’re using Windows 10, I’m not sure what the issue would be. Is your wav set for PCM 44100/16bit? If not, you’ll need to do so. You can try using Audacity to see if it helps (doesn’t appear to have been updated in quite a while).

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This regards Content of the Old Forum, in general and not anything in the above thread. I would have created a new thread, but Discourse limits my new topics per day, and I already exceed that with “new” drumkits.

Thanks to @AnthonySostre I have been provided with space to post my portfolio, if you will, of drumkits. I have started to do that, and will probably have all of my old kits either posted by next week, or will have a replacement posted in its place. I would have been able to get in done in 2-3 days, but Discourse has a daily limit of new topics. That’s OK, I can use the break. Anyhow, kudos to Anthony. We spend a good deal of time complaining on this forum about things we see as Singular’s shortcomings, so it’s only right that we give them credit when they come through. Way to go, Anthony!

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Thanks! :smile: