Content on SD card does not show in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)

I’ve downloaded the free Groove Monkee content and loaded it to my SD card. when I load the SD card to the manager the original content does not show up, only the Groove Monkee content. how do I fix this?

From the way you describe “I’ve downloaded the free Groove Monkee content and loaded it to my SD card”

Sounds like you could benefit from reading the quick start guide so let’s start there. Download and read:

The takeaway?
Manage BeatBuddy (BB) content using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and save projects on your computer—not the SD card.
Since your default BB content is most likely overwritten on both the SD card and in your bbworkspace folder, you might have to download, unzip and copy the default content backup v2.1 to your SD card and then use the BBM - File - Open Project on your card and then follow the prompts to save the project to your SD card. You can then use the BBM - File - Import - Folder to bring the Groove Monkee content to your BBM project and then either export or Synchronize your project from your BBM to your card.

BTW, I’ve moved your post to a new thread because if it were left where it was, it probably would have received few views and no reply.

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Hey there, feel free to email for assistance with the BB, BBM, or any of our products!

Everything is on my my card the pedal works perfectly. The Groove Monkee download shows up in the BBM just not the original material

Have you emailed support? They are a great tool for help with this stuff in case you need help!