Continued Card Issues

I’m seeing some very odd behavior still with how BBManager is interacting with my SD card on my MacBook Pro.


  • 4GB Card that came with the Beat Buddy
  • 16GB SanDisc Class 10 (New, purchased today)
  • 32GB Micro Center Class 10 (This was the one I was using with no issues until it stopped working in the pedal)

The 4GB card had a .bbp file on it that still worked in the pedal. I was able to manually move all the folders to the SD card from my workspace and get it functional. So it has all my current songs.

  • I copied the contents on this card to a folder on my computer.
  • Copied those contents onto the 16GB card (no BBManager used, just dragged all the files over)
    ** Works fine in the pedal
  • Copied the contents onto the 32GB Card (no BBManager used, just dragged all the files over)
    ** Is not read by pedal. Gives “No SD Card” or sometimes “No Songs”. Again, this card worked FINE until Sunday morning and was my main card for the past month as I made updated to my song list

So I can’t explain why the 16GB card works and the 32GB card doesn’t.

Next, I then

  • Purged my Workspace, which was stored on my iCloud Documents folder.
  • Turned off Cloud Sync so that my user/documents folder is offline.
    ** Path is “Users/userId/Documents/”.
  • Started BBManager. Got errors about missing project (which I expected)
  • Opened the project from the 4GB SD card and went through the process to create a backup, which was put in my local Documents (path as above) and set my local workspace to the new local location.
  • Chose to to Export to SD with the 4GB card in place.
    ** Exported to the 4GB card from BBManager without issue. Warning was received about an existing project already on the card, as expected. Card loads in pedal just fine. after export.
  • Put in the 16GB card (with a .bbp and content already in place) and chose Export to SD.
    ** Did NOT receive warning about a project already existing. INSTEAD I get the error: “Destination file already exists (/Volumes/NONAME/DRUMSETS).”
  • Tried with the 32GB card and it gives the same error.

So I suppose that’s progress, as I have 1 card that seems to work with the BBManager Export. And another card (16GB) that I can manually copy the SONGS and DRUMSETS folder, but can’t Export using BBM. And another (32GB) that won’t work at all, even with the same content, and even though it was working fine before Sunday.

I’m a bit at a loss as to what I can do next. Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to detail everything I’ve done to date to try to resolve this. Please advise!

Try to isolate where exactly the problem is taking place. Here are the areas to troubleshoot and in the order of most- to least-likely to be the issue:

  1. Mac SD slot reader.
  • Google “sd card read only mac”
  • Try an external SD media reader or another computer with BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  1. BeatBuddy (BB) SD slot reader
  • not exactly sure what you can do to diagnose the problem; if it works with one SD card, it should work with all SD cards
  1. SD cards
  • on the SD cards that aren’t working, use Disk Utility/Get Info and check that they are Writable and MS-DOS(FAT32)
  1. macOS
  • Click Apple menu/About this Mac/System Report…/Hardware/Card Reader
  • boot your Mac in Safe mode and see if the BBM can export your project to one of your non-working SD cards.
  1. BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • since you can export a project to your 4Gb card, it doesn’t seem likely that there’s a problem with the BBM or your bbworkspace folder

If none of the troubleshooting steps above have worked for you, you can always contact Support, as I’ve been in touch with him to discuss your problem and he thought that it could be that your Mac sees the SD card as Read Only.

I actually have been using an external, as my MBP only has Thunderbolt ports. So I have a SD->Thunderbolt. I am in the process of setting up my old Mac to see if I can get BBM working on there.

I suppose it could be seeing the card as Read Only, but then I wouldn’t expect that I could manually transfer files either.

Tonight I was able to get BBManager up and running on a second Mac I have. It has a built-in SD port. I was able to get it working as normal with both the 4 and 16 GB cards. However, neither 32 GB card wants to work. It gives the same error on both cards and does seem to act like the card is read only.

I’d still like to understand why the 32GB cards stopped working. I have an ongoing email with Support. But I think I’m largely back up and running as far as creating/uploading new songs to my SD cards (for now).

Please try the following:

  • Insert one of the 32Gb cards in either Mac’s media reader
  • Double-click the SD card to display contents and take and attach a screen shot of contents—something similar to this:
    Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.49.14 AM
  • Launch Disk Utility
  • Select the 32Gb SD card
  • In Disk Utility - File - Get Info: take a screen shot of the Get Info displayed; should look similar to this:
    Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.44.29 AM
  • While still in Disk Utility main window, and 32Gb SD card selected, click on First Aid and let it run and correct everything it finds

Running First Aid didn’t seem to change anything.

Getting ready to PM you.