Continuing to subscribe to premium content library fees?

Hi, when I had looked into the Premium Content Library before on the site, I had seen them reference each you you pay $50 (I think at that time) and you can get the following year’s updates. Does anyone know 1) if that is still the case, 2) what the yearly update cost is now, and 2) where is that located that we can find that update option? Thank you very much!

They just sent out an e-mail earlier this morning. I think if you just click on that link it will show you the reduced prices if you’re logged in. It says if you have the Complete Collection 2020 the update for all of this year will be $49 or $99 if you have 2019.

I see a few people mention emails over the past day or so from SS, but I haven’t received any at all?

Thanks a lot. I remember I was logged in when I had seen that option on the info screen premium, but hadn’t seen it this time. Maybe it’s just an email thing now or somethings changed… at least now I know they still have the option! Thank you very much, sir!

I got my $50 upgrade at checkout, the system seems to know I had purchased 2020

Perfect! Just what I needed to know!

I received an email from “BeatBuddy Premium Library” on Wednesday (Jan 27th) with the subject line “Gretch, Modern Classic Drumset Is Yours”. If you didn’t receive the email, maybe you’re not on the mailing list. In any case, I guess just email support and they can get you on it.

Hmmm…I am on the mailing list and do get emails from them.

Strange. Anyway, that’s the last email I got from them (specifically from