Control BeatBuddy with Morningstar MC6

I am attempting to control my midi equipment with the Morningstar MC6…

So far I can do some simple things with the BeatBuddy like fills, etc. What I cannot figure out is how to send the Start and Stop MIDI message. Excuse my n00b here, it is often referred to as 0xFA, but that is not intuitive to me on how to get the MC6 to send that message?

DOH!!! It is under System Real Time message for the MC6 editor. BTW, this pedal is really cool.

So far I have not been able to send the RT message for “Stop” to the BB and have it work, anyone else made this happen via a remote midi footswitch?

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I got my MC6 delivered yesterday and using the local WEB interface I programmed the MC6 to Transition (which also starts), Fill, Stop (Outro), Tempo - , Tempo + , Pause/UnPause. I also Programmed other Banks to Select Song/DrumSet and Tempo with One Button . Then went and rehearsed with the band with my new back saving stomper box. The BB now sits on a stand when rehearsing . MC6 and Beatbuddy work great together.

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Here’s a link to the MC6

I’ve been thinking about this switch. The features that it can add to the Beat Buddy are excellent. My only gripe is that the switches are in two rows, one directly on top of the other. Who dreams these things up? If you want the smaller case size that results from having two rows of switches rather than one long row, which in my opinion would be ideal, why not just offset the second row to be in between the switches on the first row. It would make activating those switches so much easier. Still, it does look like the best alternative available right now.

I have changed my whole rig to include 2x of the MC6 pedals by morning star. I use an IPAD, BIASFX and many other effects and the DUO interface by IK Multimedia. It is all midi synced to BB for tempo. This has dropped about 5-10 pounds off my board. No more analog effects. Perfect for 1 man gigs though I keep my analog stuff for playing with a band. I cannot speak highly enough about the MC6 It is flexible and allows me to control everything and includes 2 expression pedals per foot controller. I have 4x expression pedals controlling everything from guitar synth on my IPAD to DELAY and volume to Beat Buddy Drums.

Hello, I am looking into buying this controller, because the MIDI Maestro that Singular Sound came up with is huge, but I have a couple of questions:

Is it possible to scroll through folders as it is possible now with the external switch from the BB? I couldn’t find the MIDI PC or CC for folder scrolling on the MIDI implementation chart from Beatbuddy. I would like to control the pedal fully from the MC6, without using the main pedal and the dual footswitch.

Also, is it possible to program one of the midi switches to act as the main pedal would? (Start, fill, transition to next part, outro).

If anybody that currently uses it could help, I’d greatly appreciate it.


They at least do a sort of rise on the second row of buttons: They are run as high up on the box as their stalks will allow, while the first row is as low as possible. For mine, I am seriously considering adding some sort of step to mine, because I have very clumsy feet.



Last night I had a moment of clarity and figured out this my self. I use Quantiloop in my iPad, and Quantiloop has the ability to control the Beatbuddy with a button that acts as the main pedal, and you can even assign it to a MIDI button on the footswitch, so this part is covered. Now I only have to figure out the folder and song scrolling.

Found this link to be helpful in programming MC6 -

Did anyone know if it would be possible to change BB tempo with this using an expression pedal?

Hi… can u tell about change tempo ?
Can you programme tempo ?

Hello! Would you be willing to help me set up my Morningstar and beat buddy! Or make a video showing how you set it up my email is andresasalomon@gmail.con

Can you make a vid of how u set it up the bb and Morningstar

Zip it and try posting again.

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Hello everyone.

I created the attached MC-6 mkii Bank file containing some of the most common Beatbuddy actions, as a guide. It’s up to you to edit, move, mix, etc., the messages to accommodate them to your needs.

There are two pages and you need to access the second page by pressing switches A+D simultaneously. There’s a Toggle Preset on the second page that you can use to return to the first page instead of pressing A+D.

Some comments:

[1] The capability to recall (via MIDI)) the BB Drumset screen that pops up when the BB middle button is pressed does not appear to have been implemented by Singular Sound. However, I’ve included two ways to do this:

(a) You can scroll through Drumsets using the BB-INC and BB-DEC Presets (page 2) but you’ll need to * first * press the BB middle button. If you just press either of these two Presets on their own the BB will scroll through the Songs in the Folder used last. These two Presets have each a Release action (quick press), to INCrement or DECrement by 1, and a Long Press Scroll action, to rapidly scroll through Drumsets (in this case)

(b) The BBDrmKit Preset (page 2) will scroll down (Release) or Up (Long Press) the Drumsets one by one, starting from the Drumset associated to the current song and uploading each one as it goes (slow!)

[2] The BBFolder Preset (page 2) is just one instruction and the first Press action will open the BB Folder page at the last Folder that was used. You can then use Presets BB-INC and BB-DEC to scroll through them (Folders). A second Press action will Enter the Folder and you can scroll through songs using Presets BB-INC and BB-DEC.

Apart from the most common actions, I also included a BBTapTmp Preset to select the Tempo by tapping on the switch. I ran out of switches to include the Presets for BB Volume INC and DEC but if you need them I can upload screen captures of the MS Editor.

I hope this helps! Let me know if something doesn’t work as I’ve described.

Luis Lugo
PS: I can’t remember at this moment if any of these Presets requires the latest BB 3.9 Firmware. (1.2 KB)

Thanks, @persist ! I didn’t think of that. I hope it unzips correctly.


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I find the Drumset recall exercise cumbersome and -in my opinion- impractical (I never change drum kits during a live performance as I carefully choose them beforehand).
So I decided to replace the BBDrmKit Preset with a BBVol+/- Preset, which I find more useful for live performances.

There are 3 actions in this preset:

  • Double Tap: Sets the BB vol to 80 (you can choose what value works for you most of the time)
  • Release: Decrease the current volume by 1 with each action
  • Long Press: Increase the current volume by 1 with each action

I tried adding a Long Press Scroll to the increase and decrease messages but it didn’t work well. May be somebody can find a better way,

Here’s the alternative Bank: (1.3 KB)

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