Control Change in midi file

Hi, can Beatbuddy recognise and act upon a control change message in a midi file. For example, if I manually insert cc115 (i.e. play outro) in the (main part) midi file can Beatbuddy read it and then play the outro section and end.


I’m not associated with SingularSound but IIRC, the main reason for adding the midi commands was so that the commands could be inserted into a one-press song file and the BB would then play all the correct parts as activated by those commands. I’ve been using various external controllers to send commands to the BB with good success so the commands work. I don’t believe the BB firmware and manager software support song files containing midi commands yet.

Thanks Rob

I am not a midi expert but do use it. So is it possible technically for a midi file to contain a midi command embedded at specific locations in the file? (i.e. a one press midi file with bass/drums to contain commands at various specific places in the file.) If so is this in the road map?