Control on midi

Hello everyone
Big question!
Is what it is possible to conect in noon the beatbuddy has a controler or arranger and that the latter instead of using its own drum kit for the rhythmic triggers that of the BB!
Thanks to all


I think we are having some trouble with you translation. The Beat Buddy can both be a midi slave and a midi master. As a Master, it could trigger notes from an external sound module. As a slave, it could have its internal sounds trigger by an outside midi source such as a DAW or a sequencer.

I am interested in this as well: Could an Arturia Beatstep Pro sequencer trigger the internal sounds of the Beatbuddy? Which then can be played ‘live’ through my bass-amp?
And how do I make this work? I am quiet new at midi-programming.

Could the Beatstep trigger the BeatBuddy? - yes, thats kinda what it’s designed to do - trigger external sound modules.
Which can then be played through my bass-amp? Yes, there is no reason why you couldn’t connect the Beat Buddy to a bass amp. I’ve done it many times, using a standard guitar cable.
And how do I make it work? 1) you are going to need the Beat Buddy midi cable. 2) you will need to make a connection from the Beatstep out to the Beat Buddy in using a midi cable or some kind of Bluetooth connection. 3) you would need to set up the BB to accept Midi-in. It’s in the menus somewhere; maybe someone else can tell you exactly where. 4) you are going to need to program the pads on the Beatstep to trigger note location in the Beat Buddy. Most Beat Buddy drum kits have tones in Midi locations 35 through 60, some go to 72 or 83, and not all locations are always filled. You’ll need to double click the drum kit name in Beat Buddy Manager to open the drum kit editor to see what drums are where. Beyond that, you can get into more advanced concepts like velocity triggers for different samples, but, you know, you kinda hafta learn Midi to learn Midi.