Control tempo for non midi pedals?

I use the external footswitch to tap tempo for the beat buddy via the TRS cable. Is there a way to send that “tap” to other pedals as well, maybe some kind of splitter from the BB external fs? Only other caveat is the pedal (Keeley Eccos) tap tempo input is TS.

BB footswitch it TRS only because it supports two switches. You can first split the TRS to two TRS, then plug one to BB. The second you need to separate to two TS and you’re good to go :blush:

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The BB footswitch jack on the ring and tip of a connected cable has a voltage of 5vdc (measured) relative to the sleeve. I think what you are suggesting is paralleling the footswitch inputs of the BB and Eccos so only one footswitch is needed. The Eccos would also have a voltage present at its tip connection for its footswitch operation. Paralleling these two footswitch inputs essentially ties together voltages from each pedal. We don’t know what the voltage (or polarity) is coming from the Eccos. Any thoughts if this might present an operational problem (or smoke)? :flushed:

Ok, I overlooked the parallel voltage issue. I know it’s not much but don’t want to get too far out of design spec… Thanks for the heads up.

Right, that could be a problem indeed :no_mouth: So to be safe the footswitch would need to keep the two circuits separated :thinking: Or at least the voltage shouldn’t leak from one to the other :relieved:

I don’t think such products exist, but to build one shouldn’t be too hard :yum: