Controling Track volumes with Midi CC

Has any one utilized the new Midi functions integrated into 5.1.1 update?
I would love to get a Midi mixer with assignable CC to be able to control my mix on the fly

Yep this is working and pretty well!

Check out all the supported mixer (and all other) commands here

This is really interesting idea. I would love to know what mixer you are using.

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Yes!! super excited to try this out…big game changer for me

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What is the midi mixer you are using by the way? Out of curiosity

Custom Mini midi mixer that I bought off of Etsy…Super small and has 5pin midi out…totally assignable CC’s… This has changed my looping game having this attached to my mic stand and making adjustments on the fly…Works Flawlessly…LOVIN IT!

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Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, just wondering what controller is that?

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Interesting. And the unit that holds it to the mic stand, what is that? Some sort of pad holder?

Yes Ipad holder

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Thanks for the share. Couple questions…
Does this mixer work even without being in the Aeros mixer screen?
Can you also control the Beatbuddy volume with it through the Maestro?

Hey there, the Aeros will respond to MIDI track control inside the loop studio or mixer screens

It would be best to use the EXP connected to the MIDI Maestro to control the BeatBuddy tempo, you could easily do both yes.

Connect the mini mixer into the maestro using a TRS to 5 pin midi conversion of some sort and then go MM > BB > Aeros or MM > Aeros > BB

This way you get the best of both worlds

Let me know if this was helpful, thanks!