Controlling and Sync RC 5 and BB

Is it possible to sync and to control a RC5 and a BB using the one device controller?
I use a double footswitch to control my BB and more one to RC5.
My target is to have, at least, tree switches for each pedal, to sync and to control, but how i need sync them, i am carrying this doubt.

I think i need a controller with two MIDI IN and two MIDI OUT, even so, i don’t know how to sync them.

OBS. My sync between the pedals is great, but i am limited at 2 footswitches to control them.

Thank for any helps!!!

Hey, Bob from Brazil again, I have almost your same setup, a RC-5 and a BB with the dual footswitch, but I left alone the single switch for the RC-5… I was using a BOSS FS-5U to help controlling the RC-5, but decided to remove it from my pedalboard, just to simplify things, as I’m using this looper just for soloing purposes.

For your situation, I’m not certain, but I think you could use MIDI THRU function on both the pedals, so your MIDI commands would pass through each one for the next device. I never used such setups, as I tend to leave things as simple as possible, to avoid issues on stage.

You could use the MIDI MAESTRO footcontroller for this setup, as it is conceived to pair with BB and AEROS. But be advised that you have to pass through a learning curve regarding MIDI stuff. Before trying anything go to the BOSS website and search for the MIDI manual on the RC-5, see if it has the possible configurations you would need.

And one more suggestion… there’s a fellow user here called @Nepali_brother that made some mods on the BeatBuddy, and he explains how to DIY a MIDI cable much better to connect BB to RC5, I made myself this cable and it works flawlesly. You just have to follow the correct PIN schematics and you’ll have a PS2 to TRS midi cable.

Hope it helps!


Yeah, Bob… Thanks the advices and suggests!!!
I already get to sync both devices. But i would like to have more than two functions for each footswitch pedal, like a midi controller, but i can’t, because i use the MIDI input to sync between BB and RC5.
I did use the Nepali’s scheme too!

Hi @CARNEVAL search and try Midi Thru function , that might be what you looking for.

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Using a midi controller to control all commands of both pedals and no footswitch, is it?

you can use midi controller and footswitches simultaneously assigning them with different commands.
Unfortunately footswitches are limited to two switches each for both devices and there is only a fraction of functions you can assign on them if you compare to the vast Midi capabilities.

you might wanna check the below video link for a little demo that i have recorded.
BB + Boomerang looping - #7 by Nepali_brother
Midi thru is implemented throughout this pedalboard.

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