Controlling BB and Aeros from One Mode

Please forgive my MIDI newbie question. I think this has been asked before, but I can’t find it and with the recent iOS update, I am finally getting going on creating a custom mode for my MM. I know I can use the BB and Aeros templates to create a custom mode for those devices, but can I have a MIDI command that goes to the BB on one button and a MIDI command that goes to the Aeros on another button within the same mode? I just want to create one custom mode with the BB and Aeros commands I use most often. Thanks!

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Hi BFRedrocks! You’re gonna need this:

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Of course you can! Currently there is no common need to split the channels for Aeros and BeatBuddy in most cases since they do not share CC’s (except for transitioning)

Thanks Brennan. So I can leave the channel assignments the same (e.g., channel 1) for BB commands and Aeros commands because the CCs (for the ones I am using) are not the same, right?

Practically, yes!

We likely won’t make them share any other than CC113 in the future either, so you should be safe for most applications! :slight_smile:

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