Controlling BB pedal through the PC

My question is : Is it or would it be possible in the future to be able to control the bb pedal through the pc :?: This would save me bending down and setting up the next song all the time . Obviously I can set up set lists but as I tend to deviate and take requests during a show, bending down fiddling about with the controls can get in the way of the repertoire with the audience whereas a couple of clicks of the mouse on the laptop whilst i natter away would make things so much smoother.

Currently it is not possible to control a BeatBuddy from the computer.

But there definitely is a possibility for such to be added in the future.

That sounds pretty sophisticated but would be an incredible addition. However, I’d prefer to have this control via an iPad. ;-)). Add a Bluetooth dongle to the BB via the USB port? :-)))))

I am thinking a MIDI control messages via MIDI protocol would be much more realistic and easier to implement. I know how to saw that into the software, yet I know nothing as of how to solder a Bluetooth into the BeatBuddy :slight_smile:

[Edit] Oh, you meant to make BeatBuddy use a Bluetooth connected to its USB port… That is a pretty powerful suggestion. It is definitely worth considering! :slight_smile:

I thought about plugging a PS/2 mouse into BeatBuddy MIDI socket once. Not sure about what use could BeatBuddy possibly get from a mouse though :slight_smile:

I am looking for the same thing as you. I’m a solo artist and get a lot of requests. I hope beatbuddy can find a solution.

It’s said that you can download onsong or Songbook app via Bluetooth midi via iPad, but I haven’t tried.