Controlling BB via midi keyboard

Roland RD full keyboard

Is it possible to control start, stop, change pattern via keyboard…assign piano keys to trigger these?

Can a assign keys to trigger BB?


Yes, this is possible

You just have to set your keyboard to send out CC commands, not all keyboards are the same in how this is handled, please refer to your user manual on how to send Control Change (CC) commands

Bear in mind, MIDI controllers have gotten a lot more versatile in the least few years (like our MIDI Maestro) and can send discrete values. Keyboards typically will send the CC value that corresponds to the piano key with a value equal to that note’s velocity, then it will send the 0 value once the note is released.

This will work for most of the BeatBuddy’s use cases

Check out the full MIDI mapping of the BeatBuddy here

Thanks for the question!