Controlling BeatBuddy & Voicelive 3 Extreme via OnSong

Hi all!

I’m sorry, I’m aware this is probably a well worn track at this stage but I need some 1 to 1 assistance with setting this up.

I have invested in a new iPad, OnSong, and the Yamaha MDBT01 bluetooth dongle. I would like to have everything set up that I pick a song on OnSong and the BB has the right song and the tempo is set for both BB and VL3X

Everytime I attempt to read or watch things about it I get confused, I can’t ask questions and then I get frustrated. It is a steep learning curve and I really need someone to talk me through it. Happy to pay for the privilege. Please help :slight_smile:

Hey there, please write to and they will be happy to help you!