Controlling My Aeros With MAestro

I have the BB hooked up to the Aeros in and the Maestro out to BB In i can go into the BB mode on the Maestro and all works fine with the control over BB but once i go into the Aeros mode i can only stop the Aeros and nothing else. I have tried everything. Is there something I’m doing wrong or has the software not yet been developed for it to work with Aeros. Feeling rather dissapointed.

They haven’t released the Aeros update that makes controlling 6x6 possible.


Ok yea I’m trying to control the Aeros so I can mute tracks from the Maestro but it can’t seem to do that and I kind of remember seeing something that mentioned that the Maestro could so that. So you say they ya met released that possibility yet as all I can seem to do is control my BB with it and for that it is a bit of an overkill. However besides that I am super happy with the Aeros and BB. Thanks for the help.

Hey there, we understand the frustration, but we have everything underway:

The iOS app that allows you to customize and share configurations of the MIDI Maestro and upload to the Maestro via Bluetooth. Sadly, we were heavily delayed with the iOS version because the original developers became heavily delayed with COVID. The good news is that it will be ready within 2mos because we found a new developer!
The Android app is already up on the Google Playstore and is constantly improving!

The Aeros mode will work with the Aeros very soon, we are currently testing this feature.

Stay tuned the MM will be a whole other animal very soon!

Thanks Brennan

Appreciate that, yea i cannot wait i have to be honest I’m loving the BB and Aeros so far



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Awesome! My pleasure!

Any update on when the iOS app will be available? Thanks.