Controlling stage lighting from BeatBuddy


About a year ago I was looking for a solution to control stage lighting preferably from my existing gear. The idea would be for example to hit start on the BeatBuddy and begin the light show, moving throughout the song’s sections until I hit again stop.

I didn’t find what I was looking for. Being an experienced product owner with background on computer science and electronics I though: why not develop one?

Things evolved a bit and currently I am about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to get it into production.

Check it out at: and let me know your thoughts.
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Looks like a decent Idea. I think keeping it simple to use is the key to finding a large market.

The product looks great but the only issue I see with the design is the four knobs above the footswitches look very vulnerable. I can see them getting kicked when going to hit a switch during a performance. I know the beatbuddy has three knobs like that but they sit lower than the pedal. Although it is similar to the Helix.

Good Luck

Dear Guitar Stu,

Thank you for your feedback which I appreciate very much.
Indeed the buttons are vulnerable and that occurred to me before. One option might be to add a small bar to protect them.
I might consider to include that in the design.


Looks extremely well made an professional have you any ideas of the cost and capacity.

I’m a one man band so 4 lights on a bar each side is enough plus 1 spotlight.

Would your product suit that size of light rig or is it intended for a larger light set up ?

Good luck


Thank you for your feedback.
At this stage I still estimating the manufacture costs and I’m not able to put a tag price on it.
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Yes, it is designed for solo musicians or relatively small bands that can not afford having a dedicated lighting engineer.

Thank for your support!