Controversy - Prince

I’ve started working up some Prince songs. I first needed a new kit, so here’s that:

And, here is the first song that is using this kit: (60.8 KB)

This includes the .sng, a very long cheat, and my original merged midi file.

2019-12-14 - Edited kit. Original kit was not playing synth samples on my system, leading me to believe I had failed to process them properly. Samples are re-done in the re-posted kit.

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Damn Phil not sure how you do it, but, man, you’re like a mind reader for my musical heroes! Excited to use that kit too…hoping its a bunch of effected Linn samples!! Feel free to use any of the midis of Prince stuff I had previously posted, mostly they’re 1:1 from the sheet music.

Prince sounds like a great idea. Can’t wait to play em!