Convert Bass and Drum MP3 file to midi file? John Mayer Aint no Sunshine

I have the MP3 file for this backing track below. Does anyone have a tool to convert it to midi if I send the MP3? I can edit the midi file for beat buddy if someone can simply convert it for me. Please message me if you can help. Here is the you tube video of the mp3 I have I can send you.

This question was asked on the forum quite a while back and I think it was Aashi that might have said that mp3 files could not easily be converted to MIDI. After reading up on this subject, it seems that if you had a wav file of this song, that there might be converters available to convert to MIDI. Otherwise, the only other option would be to create the drums and bass tracks from scratch in a DAW.

Perhaps someone who has experience with this can chime in with their recommendations.

I think I can convert the mp3 I have to wav. if someone can help.

You would need to have single tracks of each instrument in wav, to be at all possible. The wave to midi converters cannot discern the difference between instruments.

That makes sense. Thanks for the input. I will take it one bar at a time and try to record the bass notes myself over one of the funk drum rhythm tracks in my DAW. If anyone has an easier way to do it please chime in. Inspired by this version and can’t get it out of my head. : )

Its not too bad, really. The bass and drums should be able to be duplicated. You just have to try to ignore John’s vocals and damn fine guitar part and focus in on the rest. Actually, yeah, with the backing track, its just a matter of doing the work and programming it in. Very cool!

Took somebody the effort and is willing to share ?
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I’ll see what I can do.