Convert MIDI Type 0 to Type 1

Hey all. Does anyone know of a way to convert a type 0 MIDI file to a type 1? Trying to take a BB song part with drums and bass and throw it back into Cubase but it’s just a weird sort of layout.

Refer to the drum map for the kit. Copy and paste sections of the BB part to new tracks based on the mapping. Example: If I have a kit with bass at 0-31, drums at 35 to 59, and a keyboard at 60 -127, I would first select everything in the 0-31 range. Copy and past that to a new track. Next take everything in 35 to 59, Copy and paste it to a new track, etc. Then, the drums are already in a proper midi location for a drum instrument in Cubase. The Bass is 3 octaves too low, so transpose it up (might be two octaves depending on the software instrument.) The Keys are a couple octaves too high, so transpose them down. Then edit away. When you are done, transpose everything back to the original locations, and merge the tracks, and they will be ready for BB. The BB file, is not really a type 0 file, since it is designed to play on 1 channel. It’s more of a split keyboard.

Yeah not really getting anything to work with when importing the file.

Here’s the original BB song part MIDI:

And here’s the imported MIDI.

I can’t salvage anything from that to copy to another track. If it’s just a drum track I’m all good it’s just when the song parts have bass.

.zip the file and send it to me. I’ll see what’s going on. Or, if it’s a song on the Forum, what is it?

Is it this one?

If so, which version are your trying to edit?

Hi Phil. I’ve sent through that song part to you. No it’s not the same as the one on the forum.