Coordinated BeatBuddy and Aeros Songs and Song Parts

I’ve searched but can’t seem to find a clear definition of whether or not the BB and the Aeros can be coordinated in such a way that a BB Song parts can be used to trigger individual pre-recorded instrument loops in the Aeros.

I’m already using BB in my performances so I’m getting pretty familiar with loading, starting, controlling parts, and ending BB songs via MIDI. What I would like to do is use an Aeros with preloaded loop parts in a song that could be coordinated with the BB parts of a BB song. So, for example I’d like to capture a keyboard part for the intro, verse, verse fill, chorus, chorus fill, and end as separate loops and trigger them in conjunction with the BB parts of a selected song. I know the Aeros has a limitation on the length of the loops, but I don’t see that as an issue if I’m coordinating the loops on different song parts. But is this possible or is it just not a realistically possible with the current state of the Aeros?

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Hey there,

Yes, from what you’re saying it seems totally possible, some things to note: You will likely want to have a MIDI controller to send Aeros to the part you want from a stopped state.

Otherwise you’ll have to make those changes on the Aeros.

You will also likely want to set the Aeros to turn off both Playback and Record options for MIDI Start in the Main Device menu, this will make it so that even if BB sends MIDI Start, nothing happens. Aeros is in sync however, so it will not start playing back until the next 1 of the following measure. Another thing I would suggest is to disable BB sending out the CC 102 command in the Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI Out settings page. This will stop the Aeros from starting playback every time BB changes parts.

Your options:

  1. Use a MIDI CC 113 1-6 and CC113 value 0 a measure before the loop should start playing back, this is useful if you want to start loop playback as soon as BB transitions
  2. Use a CC 113 value 1-6 MIDI command that is only being read by the Aeros channel, or send the CC113 value 101-106 midi commands that do not affect the BB as of beta v3.9.x (this will be out of beta very soon and is already available on the forum to try).
  3. Set the Aeros to the desired part by toggling with the Next Part button while it is stopped, and then hit the Play/ Stop all button on the Aeros to set up playback at the start of the next measure. This is helpful if you do not want the Aeros to start playback immediately with BB.

If you do want Aeros to start with BB you can also consider setting the Aeros to use MIDI start to always start playback.

Does this answer your question? Let me know!

I think it sounds maybe doable. Just to clarify, I’m controlling BB via MIDI from my Line 6 Helix as a replacement for a full drummer in a 4 piece band. Generally I only use a simple intro, a part for verse, a part for chorus, a fill, sometimes a pause and an end. In order to keep things minimal I was envisioning starting both BB and Aeros together even if the aeros loop is empty at first but timed to start the Aeros verse loop when BB finishes it’s Intro so that it comes in with the rest of the band. I would assume I’d need the Aeros to switch loops when I signal BB to go to the Chorus part, and then switch to the Aeros loop when I signal BB to play the end outro. I foresee using the Aeros to fill in additional instruments with the band such as a keyboard, strings or pedal steel guitar.

The really important question here is would I need different commands for controlling the Aeros than the ones I use to signal the BB changes as that might be the thing I wouldn’t be able to do.

If the Aeros part you have selected while stopped is empty, you can make the Aeros enter a scrolling mode, I have never seen someone use the scrolling mode without recording in it however. I do not know if there is an issue with that approach definitely let us know, as this is not the typical usage for Aeros! So plenty to learn :slight_smile:

The CC for Aeros and BB changing parts is coordinated! CC113 value 1-32 starts the BB part transition and CC113 value 1-6 selects the Aeros song part while stopped or starts the transition if playing back. To start the Aeros from stopped with a part change, you would need a CC113 value 101-106 command that is specifically for this. BB will not ignore these in v3.8.0 but it is filtered as of beta 3.9.0.

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Let me know if that answers your questions!

I’m a guitarist and am looking simply to lay in a single bass backing track on my Aeros in conjunction with my BeatBuddy. I had success with it last night on a number of songs yet this morning, when I updated my BeatBuddy’s firmware, everything changed when it came to song parts on the Aeros. Whereas the BeatBuddy previously operated independently of the Aeros when it came to song-part changes yesterday, after the update a hold-down on the Beatbuddy today enacts a song-part change on the Aeros. Given the length and structure of my songs, this doesn’t work for me and I’m probably the only SS owner who’d rather not initiate a systemwide song part change with the push of a single BB button. I only use song part changes to get around the Aeros’s loop-length limitations, so my songs are essentially only a single bass line cut into two parts back-to-back, the front of the song and the back of the song. I play the guitar and work the BeatBuddy live - the Aeros is solely for bass accompaniment. Bottom line question - is there a way to override the Beatbuddy’s control of the Aeros on this level yet retain its ability to communicate with the Aeros on all other levels?

You can turn off the CC102 command the BB is sending in the main menu, simply go to Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI Out > Next Part (CC102) and disable it. Note this will stop Aeros from ever changing from BB’s parts, if you are using a MIDI controller this could also work nicely, or even with standalone Aeros usage.

May I ask, what version did you update to, was it 3.8.0? What version were you on before?

Thanks for reporting!

I believe it is 3.9 - it’s the most recent version. My version before was pre-2.0, I think. Either way, I got it working yet I’m finding that when I turned CC102 off in BB settings, it retained that setting until I powered it off. The following day, when I turned the system on again, I had to go through the disable process once again. Can that be set to retain the CC102 disable setting?

Also, on an unrelated note, can the BB footswitch be programmed to advance the both the BB Songlist and the Aeros Loop Station in tandem? Would love to avoid the constant bending down to make the between-song switches. Thanks!

3.9.x is a Beta version known to have bugs currently on live version, I have just checked and current locked alpha test version is working fine here, and I do not see this issue where CC102 is being re-enabled after power down and power-on.

For best results, it’s best to stay on version 3.8.0 for now.

Thanks for your feedback!

what’s with the second part of the question?
Also, on an unrelated note, can the BB footswitch be programmed to advance the both the BB Songlist and the Aeros Loop Station in tandem? Would love to avoid the constant bending down to make the between-song switches?

Hello, not just yet

The Aeros will be able to use MIDI song select in version 4.1.x and the BeatBuddy will also have a 4.1.x version of it’s own that will allow it to send MIDI Song Select commands by itself so a MIDI controller won’t be completely necessary.

Thanks for the question and for your patience

is it done…work it now?

Hey there,

Yes, 4.1.x is already out for the Aeros, it’s on 4.1.5 now

BB is still on 4.0.1 but 4.1.x will be out soon

Thanks for the question!

thanks from India,
it sounds good…but BB 4.0.1 can not directly switch the aeros-song?
with 4.1.x may it’s possible?
then I tried to have more practice with all items to find out a good way to have live gigs. On the stage all must work perfect together. My intention is to play music and not to be an sound ingeneer…thats why I need useful items. From all the e-drums which I tested the BB was this one what sounds most like an natural human drummer…the manager is very good…for examble the synchronizing with the SD-card,or the setlist and many features more.
There I have an other question…
when I create a new song in my setlist at first…then I choice a song from the preset-song and move it in my setlist close to the new empty song. then I copy all parts step by step into the new song…when Im finish I move the preset song back to it’s old place…
It’s possible to make this easier…for example with “copy and paste” song?
thanks for the answer !!!

Hello yes, this likely will be possible with only BB + Aeros with version 4.1.x

Unfortunately there is not duplicate function for songs in the BBM, you would have to copy and paste the files within the song to another song, your process sounds like a good workaround.