MIDI Expansion Release 1: Official Commands List (4.1.x)

As we stated in the post of the 4.0.x firmware, the very next major feature release, 4.1.x, will have the first implementation of the MIDI expansion.

The list does not contain all of our planned MIDI enhancements. We will be releasing additional MIDI capabilities after this release. This has taken longer than we anticipated because we had to redo the entire MIDI engine and redo all existing MIDI commands on that new engine. However, new additions should be faster now.

Command name- CC#, value # Sub-categories Specific Values
Record,Overdub, Select, and Play - CC:41,
Value 20: Play current recording
Clear Song/ Delete Song Part - CC: 42
Value 0: Clear Song Immediately
MIDI Song Select
Selects Aeros song
Songs List/Loop Studio - CC:35
Value 2: Goes to Home screen
Value 3: Goes Device Settings Screen
Value 4: Goes to Updates Page
Mute: CC:38
Value 11: Mute Track 1
Value 12: Mute Track 2
Value 13: Mute Track 3
Value 14: Mute Track 4
Value 15: Mute Track 5
Value 16: Mute Track 6
Value 21: Unmute Track 1
Value 22: Unmute Track 2
Value 23: Unmute Track 3
Value 24: Unmute Track 4
Value 25: Unmute Track 5
Value 26: Unmute Track 6
CC:41 Record, Select, Overdub and Play
Value 100: Record/Play/Overdub on selected track (6x6)
Value 101: Record/Play/Overdub on Track 1
Value 102: Record/Play/Overdub on Track 2
Start / Stop Song - CC: 43
Value 0: Stop
Value 1: Start
Value 2: Cancel Stop
Value 127: Stop Immediately
Change Part CC:113
Value 125: Cancel Transition
Value 126: Previous Part (toggle 6x6)
Value 127: Next Part (toggle 6x6)
Value 0: Go to selected part (6x6)
Song Settings- CC:45
Value 0 RPO
Value 1 ROP
Scroll Up/Down (Songs List controls) - CC:36
Value 3: Delete selected song
Value 6: Top of list
Value 7: Bottom of list
Addtl. Mute CC:38
Value 31: Mute Track 1 at EOL
Value 32: Mute Track 2 at EOL
Value 33: Mute Track 3 at EOL
Value 34: Mute Track 4 at EOL
Value 35: Mute Track 5 at EOL
Value 36: Mute Track 6 at EOL
Value 41: Unmute Track 1 at EOL
Value 42: Unmute Track 2 at EOL
Value 43: Unmute Track 3 at EOL
Value 44: Unmute Track 4 at EOL
Value 45: Unmute Track 5 at EOL
Value 46: Unmute Track 6 at EOL
Value 51: Mute Track 1 at EOM
Value 52: Mute Track 2 at EOM
Value 53: Mute Track 3 at EOM
Value 54: Mute Track 4 at EOM
Value 55: Mute Track 5 at EOM
Value 56: Mute Track 6 at EOM
Value 61: Unmute Track 1 at EOM
Value 62: Unmute Track 2 at EOM
Value 63: Unmute Track 3 at EOM
Value 64: Unmute Track 4 at EOM
Value 65: Unmute Track 5 at EOM
Value 66: Unmute Track 6 at EOM
Value 71: Mute Track 1 Immediately
Value 72: Mute Track 2 Immediately
Value 73: Mute Track 3 Immediately
Value 74: Mute Track 4 Immediately
Value 75: Mute Track 5 Immediately
Value 76: Mute Track 6 Immediately
Value 81: Unmute Track 1 Immediately
Value 82: Unmute Track 2 Immediately
Value 83: Unmute Track 3 Immediately
Value 84: Unmute Track 4 Immediately
Value 85: Unmute Track 5 Immediately
Value 86: Unmute Track 6 Immediately

This release will also feature the coveted MIDI song select feature.

This will behave like the following:

In order to increase the versatility of the two units and the ability to open multiple Aeros songs with the same BeatBuddy song (or vice versa, though less common), we have chosen to limit the Aeros to only be affected by the MSB (CC0) + PC commands and ignore all LSB (CC32) commands. This should have no major effect on using song select commands you may already use for the BeatBuddy. This allows you to send only one command on one channel to control both devices separately.

We are currently working on the compatible version for the BeatBuddy which will filter the MSB commands sent to the BB.

Sending the command again while the Aeros song is open will reload the song.

Steps to use MIDI song select:

The Aeros needs two commands to open a song, MSB and PC

  1. On the Aeros, open/create a song and edit the song parameters
  2. Turn on the MIDI Song Select feature
  3. Set the MSB layer that will activate this song. MSB is a range of 0-127 and is represented by the CC:0 values 0-127. First layer is layer 0.
  4. Set the PC command that will fully open the Aeros song. This is its own type of command (not a CC), PC stands for Program Change.
  5. Send an MSB (CC:0, value: 0-127) and a PC message (Value: 0-127) to the Aeros (in that order, but can be strung as one sequence)

For example:

I want my song to open to CC:0 value 0 (MSB 0) + PC 10. I turn on the MIDI Song Select feature in the edit/create song screen, and set MSB to 0 and PC to 10.

Then, I will send a CC:0 Value 0 command followed by a PC 10 command to open the song.